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Dress Code


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Dress Code

Further continuing its philosophy of choice, Explore Academy utilizes a flexible dress code, allowing students extensive options in how they dress.


  Students are expected to dress in accordance with the school dress code while on school property during the interval of the established school day.  The type of dress worn is up to the discretion of the student as long as it is from the list of approved Explore Academy apparel.



   Student dress must always display either the Explore Academy logo or Explore Academy title on the most outward piece of clothing.  The school logo or title must not be covered by another piece of clothing (jacket, sweatshirt, etc.) while inside the school building. If a student requires extra layering to remain warm, he or she may wear a jacket to school but the jacket must be removed upon entering the school building.  If a student requires extra layering while in the school building, he or she may wear additional layers underneath the required Explore Academy shirt. The school's apparel catalog can be found HERE.


  Students may wear pants of any type, including jeans, slacks/khakis, capri pants, sweat pants, cargo pants, etc.  Pants with excessive holes or ripped areas are not allowed.  Shorts, skirts, and dresses are allowed provided the length of leg hits below the knee.


  Students are allowed to wear whatever type of shoes they prefer, however certain seminars may require specific types of shoes (ie: close-toed) on specific days for safety reasons.

Ordering School Apparel

Explore Academy's online school store can be found HERE.

Dress Code:


- Students must wear Explore Academy apparel everyday


- The outer most piece of clothing must display the school's logo or title


- Students are provided with significant choice in the apparel they choose to purchase and wear