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How is Explore Academy different from other schools?

  Where do we begin? Explore Academy offers a system of education customized for the individual, with a curriculum that allows students to have options in every course they take. In this way, every course at Explore Academy is an elective. From core courses to those in our academic majors programs, there is a choice at every step along the way. With a curriculum built on diversity, we can definitively state that no two students will share the same path to graduation.


Where is Explore Academy located?

  Explore Academy is located at 5100 Masthead NE (near Jefferson and Osuna).


Is Explore Academy a public school?

  Yes, we are a tuition-free public charter school. Although we will exist within the geographical boundaries of Albuquerque Public Schools, we will not be a part of APS. As a state-authorized charter school we exist as our own school district.


What grades Does it serve?

   Explore Academy serves grades 9 to 12.


Who are the teachers?

  Explore Academy was founded and is built by its teachers with the intention or providing a smarter, more innovative way in educating students. While many charter schools often employ new and unexperienced teachers, Explore Academy's founding group and its teaching faculty are composed entirely of master teachers.


What are the hours of a typical school day?

  Explore Academy's school hours are 7:45am-3:11pm.


Does Explore Academy provide its instruction through online courses?

  No. While the school will utilize technology in the classroom, we believe that the face-to-face student-teacher relationship maximizes student learning and success and best prepares a student for college and career. While many schools are migrating to online-learning environments, we feel that personalize instruction from exceptional teachers still provides students with the best learning environment.


Does Explore Academy offer athletics programs?

  We encourage an active lifestyle in each of our students, and as such, Explore Academy plans to offer athletic programs. Our athletics programs will be similar to what is seen at the college level, with many leagues of intramural sports including basketball, dodgeball, flag football, soccer, and volleyball (and more, based on student interest). Leagues will be male only, female only, and coed.

By law, students who wish to participate in NMAA sports and extracurricular activities (band, orchestra, etc.) may do so at their local area high schools.

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