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Does Explore Academy really offer majors? Do any other schools?

We do. We will offer over thirty (30) academic programs (majors) from which students will choose to specialize their studies in their final two years prior to graduation. No schools in New Mexico or across the United States offer programs as extensive as Explore Academy.


How can Explore Academy offer such a great diversity in courses?

This answer has two components. First, our courses are shorter, spanning only four weeks (22 days) of instruction. This level of focus allows us to differentiate at a much greater level compared to other schools operating off the traditional semester-based schedule.
Second, we do not attempt conformity among our teaching staff; instead, we embrace the strengths and passions of our teachers and allow them to create the diversity of independent courses that can be offered to students.


How is your curriculum really made to be customized for each student?

Explore Academy's curriculum allows students to have a choice in every course in which they enroll. Instead of students randomly assigned a teacher, each student will choose how he or she would like to learn the content, thus pairing them with teachers who share the same interest. In this way, every seminar (course) at Explore Academy will be an elective, offered in one of four versions.

Because seminars are only one month in length, compared to the traditional semester schedule, students change classes each month and thus have much greater control in how they learn each and every month. Given the 150+ seminars a student will attend in their four years at Explore Academy, and given the fact that they have a choice in fulfilling each seminar requirement, we can definitively say that no two students will ever share the same educational experience.


What are Explore Academy's class sizes? How can you ensure they will stay at this size?

Explore Academy class sizes will be offered at a student-teacher ratio of 14:1. This number is fundamental in our educational philosophy as our goal is to provide all students individualized attention.

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