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Lottery Process

Within a given enrollment window, as it becomes necessary for grade levels that exceed capacity, a lottery process will be implemented for that specific grade level and only for individuals who attempted enrollment within that specific enrollment window.


  The lottery process will only take place for students who submit an interest form during the monthly enrollment window when the enrollment limit for a specific grade level is exceeded.


  Randomly assigned numbers corresponding to prospective students will be drawn by members of the Explore Academy Governance Council at the Council meeting following the close of the given enrollment window.  The lottery process will continue even after grade levels are filled to provide an ordered waiting list for those students not initially selected.  This meeting, and the associated lottery, will be advertised during the school’s monthly enrollment events (parent nights), as well as through email and the school’s website.


  Lotteries will continue each month, at the conclusion of the corresponding enrollment window, until such time that all grade levels become filled.  At that point, interested individuals may continue to submit their names and will be added to the previously established waiting list in the order of their submitted interest form.  Lottery duties will be performed by members of the school's governance council.

Lottery Overview:


- Explore Academy's enrollment is capped at 125 students per grade level


- A lottery will be used only when enrollment limits are reached for specific grade levels


- The lottery process will only include students who submitted an interest form during the month when enrollment limits are reached