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Explore Academy seeks students who are serious in their preparation for college and ready to explore their potential future careers.  We admit all students who have a desire and willingness to challenge themselves and explore their potential. We accept all students who are interested in this pursuit, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other specific condition.


  To maintain class sizes, and our student-teacher ratio, our enrollment will be capped at 125 students per grade level. The process is for enrolling a student is described below:  


Step 1: Student Interest Form

  The enrollment process begins with a simple, non-binding submission: the interest form. Families who submit the interest form reserve their spot in the school's enrollment queue, which operates on a first-come, first served basis.


Step 2: Attend a Parent Night

  Each month throughout the spring prior to the start of the new school year, Explore Academy holds a parent night for families to come hear about the school, its offerings and expectations.

  Attending a parent night is strongly encouraged.


Step 3: Acceptance Letter

  After submitting an interest form, families will receive an acceptance letter over email at the close of the current enrollment window. This certifies the admission of the student and provides families with a link to complete the registration process.


Step 4: Registration

  Registration will be completed online with a link provided by the school once the student has been admitted (see Step 2 above).

  Following the submission of registration information, students will receive their Explore Academy account information in order to register for classes (see below). Families will also receive account information for accessing student grades (PowerSchool).

  In addition to filling out the registration form, we require a birth certificate and immunization records for all incoming students.


Step 5: Scheduling and Course Selection

  In May, the school holds a course catalog night where the program of studies for the next school year is unveiled. Families are provided with a copy of our newest course catalog, and have a chance to meet the staff as we discuss all the information about students scheduling their classes for the coming year. Students are then provided two to three weeks to begin building their schedules.

  Later that month, the course selection website opens up for students to begin scheduling their classes. Admission into classes is first come, first served as classes cap at sixteen students. Students are free to schedule their classes (or change their schedules) throughout the summer until school starts in August.


Step 6: Orientation

  Held in early August, the school's staff, along with members of student leadership, hold an event to familiarize students and parents with the specifics of attending Explore Academy. It's a fun event to get students acclimated into the culture of school!


Other Requirements

  Dress code: Explore Academy requires students to purchase apparel with our logo printed on the front. See the Dress Code section for more information. Student orders are submitted online.

  Google Chromebook: Explore Academy requires Google Chromebooks for students to interact with our Google Apps platform.


Enrollment Windows

  Student enrollment is divided among enrollment windows. There is one enrollment window per month.

  Within a given enrollment window, we will guarantee enrollment for all students who submit an enrollment form until such time that the number of total students per grade exceeds our enrollment cap (125 students per grade level). Students who are accepted for enrollment will receive an acceptance letter at the close of their respective enrollment window.


The Lottery

  For the enrollment window in which a grade level cap is exceeded, those students, and all students who submit interest forms during subsequent enrollment windows, will be added to a waiting list.  Those students who are added to a waiting list will be entered into a lottery, providing us with an order for enrollment consideration as spots become available. See our Lottery description for more details.


Enrollment Overview:


- Explore Academy's enrollment is capped at 125 students per grade level


- We are only accepting incoming 9th and 10th graders for enrollment in the 2014-15 school year


- A no-obligation student interest form secures your spot in the enrollment process