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While Explore Academy offers a customized form of education to any student, it also holds high standards for its students in academics and conduct. Prior to enrolling, students and families should consider the school's expectations for its students to ensure that Explore Academy is the right environment for your student's success.


  Explore Academy is a public high school and as such, we will accept all students who are willing to embrace the school's elective-based system of learning. Given the school's customized style of learning, any hard-working student, regardless of their academic history, can be successful at Explore Academy, however, the school's rigorous academic program is challenging for students and parents should be aware of this expectation at the beginning of the enrollment process.

For every class, students must demonstrate proficiency (80%) on every standard without exception. Explore Academy students must demonstrate this proficiency on an exit exam at the conclusion of each month.

  Consider the questions below. If you can answer "yes" to all of the questions below, you should be confident that Explore Academy is the correct environment for your student.

1. Does my student attend class every day and avoid excessive school absences?
  With terms running only 22 days, students missing class will severely compromise the learning process.


2. Is my student an active learner? Does my student have the initiative to follow their own educational pathway?
  Explore Academy provides students considerable freedom to pursue their own educational pathways, and thus relies on students to take the initiative in helming their own education.


3. Can my student manage his/her time or can my student develop the skill to manage his or her time?
  Explore Academy provides significant free time during the school day for students to study, finish homework, collaborate with other students, and receive tutoring if needed. It is critical that students possess the ability to use this time effectively.


4. Does my student follow school rules? Does my student generally have no disciplinary issues at school?
  The school's code of conduct utilizes a ten-point disciplinary system where students are expelled after an accumulation of ten points. Point values vary depending on the severity of the offense and thus students can quickly reach the point of expulsion if they continue to defy the school's rules.


5. Is my student currently on pace with credits to graduate high school? 
  Explore Academy is not a credit recovery school and does not have an extensive credit recovery program.  While one or two credits are recoverable, students who are severely behind (reclassified) would be better suited for an environment where credits can be made up in a shorter time frame.


6. Does my student work hard to pass his or her classes?  

  While Explore Academy's curriculum does allow students to customize their learning, the standard for earning credits is higher than other schools. While C's and D's may earn credit at most other high schools, Explore Academy's philosophy is that true learning occurs with higher demonstration of proficiency (minimum of 80%). Any student who is commited to hard work will be successful at Explore Academy, however, this adjustment may be difficult for students who are used to earning credit with the lower standard (60%) as seen in most schools.


Is Explore Academy Right for You?


- While every student is welcome to enroll, Explore Academy has higher standards than most other schools


- This information should be considered by families and students prior to enrollment


- If students have issues with attendance, discipline, academic standing, or if they show a pattern of D-level performance, Explore Academy may not be a successful fit