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Explore Academy will initially accept students in grades 9 and 10.  As our students advance each year, the school will expand, eventually accommodating grades 9 through 12. 


Academic Structure

  Explore Academy does not operate in a traditional fashion, with children of different grades separated by age; instead, we employ a system which allows students to follow their interests and thus associate themselves with others who share their same passions.  Classes will incorporate a flexible scheduling approach, with students taking courses at their own pace, and as such it will be commonplace for students to share classes with other students not of their same age. 

  Each seminar at Explore Academy will be 22 days in length, much shorter and more focused than the traditional semester-based model.  This system is designed to allow for more choice in student learning and provide greater accountability in student achievement.  See the Curriculum Example section for more details. Students will change seminars at the conclusion of each 22-day term, and there will exist eight (8) terms each academic year (August to May).


Class Sizes
  Explore Academy is proud to offer some of the smallest class sizes among the major high schools in the area.  We believe that student success begins with an individual relationship with teachers, and with class sizes averaging a 14:1 student-teacher ratio, we can offer students the attention they deserve. 

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

Period 6

Period 7

62 minutes

62 minutes

62 minutes

62 minutes

62 minutes

62 minutes

62 minutes


  Explore Academy's schedule will utilize a seven-period system. Within the seven period day, students will select five seminars, with the remaining two periods designated as academic flex time, which can be used for homework, as study time, for tutoring, for collaboration with peers and teachers, to perform make up work, etc. One academic flex period will also be scheduled for student lunch. Students will choose when, within the scope of the day, they schedule their academic flex time.

The daily schedule is shown on the right:


In a Nutshell...


Explore Academy offers:
- Smaller class size for individualized attention

- More focused units of study which explore topics to greater depth

- Students the flex time in the middle of the day for homework, tutoring, etc.


- Explore Academy's schedule parallels the traditional academic calendar year (August to May)