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The Explore Academy educational model takes the traditional educational approach and turns it on its head, leading to a system that promotes greater student responsibility and accountability. 


  The innovation of Explore Academy begins with the course schedule, which utilizes a more focused, divide-and-conquer approach to teaching and learning. Instead of class terms following the traditional semester model, Explore Academy offers “seminars”, smaller classes which span four weeks (22 days) in length and cover a specific topic in depth. The collection of seminars within a given content area will equal a traditional semester course.
  For example, instead of a student enrolling in a traditional biology class, Explore Academy students will enroll several individal seminars that collectively cover the topics in biology.


  See the section on Academic Structure for more details on the seminar schedule.

  The focus of the Explore Academy system is on learning by doing, and each seminar will provide students with a unique educational experience.  This type of experiential learning, seen commonly in other schools as an extension of curriculum, will be the basis for Explore Academy’s curriculum.  Every seminar will offer its own experience, and students will have choices in selecting what experiences will drive their education. Explore Academy’s seminars can be separated into two types: core and focused.

Core Curriculum

  Our core seminars address the basic core units of studies, covering the areas of math, science, social studies, English, foreign language, and art. For each credit students are required to earn, they will have multiple options from which they can choose to complete their requirement. The diversity of these core units of study, predominantly seen in grades 9-11, will provide students the ability to enroll in seminars which parallel their strengths, interests, and individual learning styles. See the Core Curriculum section for more details.

Focus Areas
  Seminars offered within our majors are designed to prepare students for college both in academic rigor and the exploration of various fields of study. Beginning in their 11th grade year, students explore content from many majors as they earn credit, and as they work their way through their coursework, they will begin to specialize in one of over thirty academic majors. See the Academic Majors section for more details. 

  All seminars, core or focused, conclude with an exit exam which determines the grade for the seminar in question.  With the focus placed on learning with continuous teacher feedback, instead of the grade-focused approach that has plagued our educational system, we can ensure that students leaving our courses are educated in the areas we certify them to be.  The specific accountability of this system is far superior to the semester-based grading model.


In a Nutshell...


- Shorter courses, more specific in their focus, leads to greater student accountability


- Core seminars provide students with choice in how they learn the general requirements set forth before them. Each seminar will be offered in one of three flavors


- Academic majors allow students to focus their studies in a specific area, similar to a major at the university level