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Explore Academy's curriculum differs from the traditional education model in that it provides students with choice in every course in which they enroll.  And because courses are shorter and more specific, students have the freedom to choose how they will learn each step of the way.

  In most traditional high school environments, students have little choice in the types of classes they take; they simple register for the next class in the series and are randomly paired with a given teacher. The interests of the students are not taken into account, nor are the passions of the teachers put on display for students to identify.


  Now consider the Explore Academy approach, where every course is an elective and students are provided a curriculum that allows them to personalize their own learning.

  For example, consider the topic of Newton's Laws of Motion. While normally a unit embedded in a traditional physics course, at Explore Academy this topic becomes its own course, or seminar. But that's not where the differences end; for every seminar, students have a choice in how they learn. In the example seminar of Newton's Laws of Motion, we offer it in one of four ways, or flavors, from which students can choose (see below). All four seminars cover the same academic standards, but it's how the information is presented that is unique.
  Four potential flavors for Forces and Motion could be:


3, 2, 1 Blast Off!
  Focusing on the physics of outer space, students explore the concepts of gravity, speed, acceleration, and momentum using examples of motion through space. The study of physics in this flavor is based on analyzing examples with a basic introduction to aeronautics including the study of satellites, rockets, planetary orbits, etc.



Hulk Smash!
  Using examples from the action genre, including television, movies, cartoons, and comics, students learn about forces and motion through the dissecting of various scenes in pop culture media to validate the degree of realism with which the stunts are portrayed. It will change the way students look at the world of fiction!




Roller Coaster
Amusement Park Physics

  From roller coasters and the freefall to the merry-go-round and the Tilt-a-Whirl, students apply their knowledge of forces and motion to analyze the forces a rider experiences during a day at an amusement park. By analyzing the most extreme rides from parks around the world, students will acquire basic knowledge on why we feel what we feel and why some of us are driven to go faster and faster.



Physics of Sport
  Definitely geared to the athletes and fans of the sporting world, this flavor looks at sports from a whole new level: through the forces that guide their play. By looking at sports from around the world, including professional sports (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) to amateur athletics (Olympic events) to basic hobbies and table games (billiards, ping pong, etc.), students will both play and analyze the forces that guide their gameplay while learning about Newton's Laws along the way.



Education Becomes Customized


  For all seminars offered at Explore Academy, students will have several options from which to choose in completing their specific requirements. Including both our core curriculum and academic major areas, Explore Academy offers over seven hundred different seminars from which students can choose as they complete their requirements.

  With this level of diversity, and the freedom for students to choose their own educational pathways, Explore Academy offers something truly unique: the promise that no two students will ever share the same educational experience. Each student's path will be unique.


In a Nutshell...


- The seminar-based system of shorter, more focused courses, allows for greater accountability in student learning, superior to the outdated semester-based model


- Students choose from a variety of options for each seminar to find the theme that best fits their interests


- Students can suggest new versions for any seminar, with approved changes taking effect the next academic year