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Core Curriculum


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Core Curriculum
The Explore Academy educational system is known as a “differentiated curriculum” in which seminars of similar content areas are taught through different themes.  These themes, developed by the Explore Academy teachers, utilize different learning styles and instructional methodologies to teach students in a specific manner and create an education that is personalized to the individual student.   


  Every teacher, regardless of his or her subject matter, has an individual strategy or passion infused in his or her teaching framework. Explore Academy has harnessed that instructional fervor and allowed its teachers to generate a curriculum in which the interests and passions of the teaching staff can be identified and advertised for students to see.

  The benefits of the above-mentioned approach are two-fold. First, teachers will be allowed to instruct in a manner that best suits their knowledge and interests, which in turn results in better teaching. To this end, each teacher at Explore Academy is given the freedom to invent versions for the seminars within the curriculum that best fit his or her strengths. In addition, this system of diversity will attract students who share the same interests, thus allowing for much greater levels of classroom cohesiveness.

Core Academics
  Second, and most importantly, a system of a differentiated curriculum allows all students to choose the path of their own education within the offered framework, and thus empowers them as academic entities as never before through the power of choice (see the Choice Theory section).



One Credit, Many Options
  Explore Academy's curriculum is elective-based, allowing for students to have choice in each credit they earn. For each required credit, students will have several options in fulfilling that credit, allowing for students to choose how they complete their education. With a course catalog offering over seven hundred different classes, and with students provided a choice for every credit they earn, we can guarantee that no two students will every share the same educational path. The Explore Academy curriculum thus makes education customized to degree never seen before in any academic institution, public or private.

  By providing students with the choice in how they will satisfy the standards set before them, we allow each student to invest him or herself in an academic curriculum like never before. This not only maintains student interest, creating increased academic motivation, but guarantees a much higher likelihood of long-term comprehension and retention.


In a Nutshell...


- For every core subject, students will have a choice in how they learn


- Teachers will offer courses in different ways to allow students the choice in determining which best fits their strengths and interests


- Education becomes customized in that students create their own curricular pathways. No two students' paths will be the same