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Degree Programs
Each student will choose an area of focus to better prepare for the rigors of college-level academics and gain valuable experience in the fields that interest them.


  As students enter their 11th grade year, they will enter one of several academic major programs. Much as a student declares a major at the university level, Explore Academy students will choose from an extensive set of areas to explore their interests before entering college.  This type of extension will serve to develop students in their college readiness and career selection by providing them not only a taste of college-level academic rigor, but essential insight into the reality of the careers in they which they potentially see themselves. Students will receive guidance from teachers and counselors in choosing their academic major.  


  Current research suggest that today's college students spend, on average, six years completing their degrees. This trend is due in large part to time spent in courses as students abandon their initial paths to explore news areas of interest, changing majors, on average, two to three times in the process. While this extra time is necessary for student exploration, it has been shown to be detrimental to overall academic success as research suggests that extended time in college leads to greater risk of dropout, increased financial burden, and decreased competitiveness in the job market after graduating.


Degree Programs

Preparation for the Future
  At Explore Academy, we will not only provide each student with critical insight into their field(s) of interest, but a level of valuable experience to put them ahead of their peers as they enter college. For students that just want to explore to those that have already chosen a field of focus, the major pathways serve to not only expose students to advanced levels of coursework in order to develop their skills in preparation for college, but provide them valuable insight into the realities and demands within a given career or among several different careers.


Our Focus Areas
  The list of academic majors Explore Academy plans to offer is shown below. Be aware that these are not single courses, but distinct two-year course pathways.




- Medicine (includes Nursing, Molecular Biology)

- Forensic Science

- Environmental Science (includes Conservation Bio)

- Animal Science (includes Zoology, Wildlife Biology)

- Physical Science (includes Astronomy, Physics)

- Nutrition

- Veterinary Medicine

- Forensic Psychology

Social Studies


- Political Science and Government

- Psychology

- Law

- Sociology (includes Criminology)

- Criminal Justice




- Engineering (includes AE, ME, EE, CivE)

- Business (includes Finance, Accounting)

- Computer Science

- Computer and Information Systems

- Marketing

- Environmental Engineering

- Chemical Engineering




- Journalism

- Creative Writing

- Advertising and Public Relations

- Communications

- Literature



- Art

- Graphic Design

- Culinary Arts

- Education (emphasis in Primary or Secondary)

- Physical Fitness, Parks and Recreation


- Explorer



Are we missing an area of study that your son or daughter might be interested in? Let us know!


Explore Academy's Academic Majors:


- Prepares students for the rigors of college-level academics


- Provides students with crucial insight into the demands of the field(s) in which they have interest


- For those students who have not found their passion, or who wish to explore various academic areas, we offer the Explorer major