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Our Mission: Explore Academy will provide each student with a personalized educational experience through the power of student choice, allowing each student to create a unique educational pathway in preparation for a college future.

Explore Academy is driven to educate each individual student through educational experience. This experience-driven focus is a central component in the learning process as it not only develops students academically, but also builds individual responsibility and accountability.


Core Philosophy I: Provide Students Choices in How They Learn... Everything!

Students at Explore Academy will always have a choice in how they learn at each step along their path to graduation. By offering an unparalleled diversity of course offerings (our course catalog provides over eight hundred choices for students), students have the ability to choose how they earn each of their required credits.


Core Philosophy II: Allow Students to Create Their Own Customized Education

By developing their strengths and interests through our choice-based curriculum, students' educational paths become customized. With four choices for each of the 120 required core seminars (including art, PE, and foreign language), and over thirty major programs, each consisting of 16 seminars, the amount of pathways available to students is truly infinite! Such a level of diversity, combined with individual student choice, allows each student’s academic path to be truly unique and thus education, for the first time, can become customized. See more on our customized curriculum.


Core Philosophy III: Provide a Rigorous and Challenging Curriculum for Students

Explore Academy's academic expectations hold a high standard for student achievement. To receive credit for an Explore Academy seminar, students must demonstrate proficiency (B-level) or mastery (A-level) in each of the standards contained within the seminar.


Core Philosophy IV: Provide Students Rigorous Preparation for College

As students advance into their 11th and 12th grade years, they will begin the college preparation process. Explore Academy's academic majors, for students to pursue across their junior and senior years, are designed to provide students with the rigor of college-level academics and to expose them to the courses and content they will experience when they get to college. Students can choose from over thirty majors through which to gain insight into the careers in which they see themselves. See more on our academic major programs.


In a Nutshell...


- We provide education for each individual student, allowing them to determine their paths for greatest success


- We are driven from the bottom. Our students and teachers are the driving force behind the development of our curriculum



Greener Pastures...
Explore Academy will lead the charge in environemental responsibility with a steadfast commitment to reduce our ecological footprint, beginning with our 100% digital, paper-free campus