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Explore Academy is led from its core. The innovation of its teachers and students are the driving force behind its evolution.



Explore Academy operates under a different philosophy than most educational institutions. The school is founded and managed collectively by its teaching and administrative staff with one goal in mind: to produce an environment best conducive for student success through exploration.
The school’s general management, from administration to curriculum, operates under a democratic, bottom-up philosophy with all members of our school community, including students, playing a role in the school’s operation and evolution.


The Explore Academy staff will formally convene every two weeks as a Leadership Council where all school business will be discussed, from day-to-day academics to the school’s annual budget.  As we strive to operate with complete transparency, these meetings will be open to the public and we welcome students and parents who have questions, concerns, or ideas to attend and contribute. Community input is a central component in the Explore Academy’s ongoing evolution. We openly embrace new and innovative ideas from all members of our greater school community.


The Explore Academy is managed by its Governance Council (its school board), which consists of an independent panel of five individuals who convene each month to provide general oversight in the school’s operation.  These meetings are open to the public and we welcome any member of our community to come speak on any matter.  Governance Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Specific meeting dates and times will be posted in advance on this website.


Driven From the Ground Up

We are driven toward exceptional education, and our collection of teachers and students will be the individuals who work to develop Explore Academy as the area's leading cutting-edge academic institution