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Explore Academy's academic calendar is divided into eight, 22-day terms. Each student enrolls in five classes per term.


Explore Academy utilizes shorter learning modules, called seminars, each of which lasts twenty-two days. On the last day of each term, students will take an exit exam to demonstrate their understanding in the academic standards covered within each term. Between terms, a one-day term break is scheduled, allowing both students and teachers to prepare for the start of a new set of classes.


Four terms cover each traditional semester (fall and spring). Incoming students can enter at the beginning of each term as a new set of classes begins.

The calendar displays the start and end of each academic term as well as the associated breaks and holidays. Calendar link


Enrollment Calendar

New student enrollment begins in the winter prior to the year of enrollment. Beginning in January, enrollment windows open each month, allowing students to reserve their spot for the upcoming year. Families need only complete a student interest form to reserve a place in the enrollment queue.

During the enrollment window where a given grade level reaches 100 students, those students who submitted an interest form within that window will be placed in a lottery for selection for enrollment.


In a Nutshell...


- Academic terms span 22 days


- Students change to a new set of five classes each term


- Four terms span each of the traditional fall and spring semesters